Nov 8: Orienteering meet

The Western PA orienteering club will have its last meet in this calendar year at a county park just east of Blairsville, PA. Orienteering is a form of land navigation using map and compass. You find flags in the woods. It is all-weather, all-ages, all-skill levels. You can start anytime between 10 AM and 1 PM. Event closes at 2:30 PM. Cost is $5/map. Group/family doing the event together with one purchased map still pay only $5 for entire group.

There are two geocaches in the park: "Dog Days" and "Pine Ridge Park."

Three courses to try: a 2.2 km white, a rather long 3.6 km yellow, and a 90-minute time-limit score course (find as many as possible within the time limit).

Directions to Pine Lodge:
About two miles east of Blairsville, US Route 22 and US Route 119 separate. From Route 22 going either east or west, take the exit for US 119 North. At the stop sign at the bottom of the ramp, turn left (not north on 119). Go for only 100-150 meters and turn left onto Old Route 22 (in front of the golf course). After about 0.1 miles, the road splits, bear right on Strangleford Rd. After about 0.4 miles at a shart curve in a dip, Chestnut Ridge meets Strangleford Rd. Bear left and onto Chestnut Ridge Rd for another 1.2 miles to the entrance to Pine Lodge on the left. If you are coming south on US Route 119, go under Route 22; about 100-150 meters past Route 22, turn left onto Old Route 22 and proceed as described.

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