Aug 12: Sierra Club on Wind Energy

The Allegheny Group Sierra Club's monthly public meeting will feature a point-counterpoint on energy from wind.

Supply and demand... the economists are right; we can increase the supply of alternatives, or we can decrease demand. Amory Lovins used to say (and probably still does!): “Conservation is the answer. What was the question?” The question this night is on the supply end: what is the role of wind power in PA? We’ll have a representative of GAMESA, the huge Spanish firm building wind turbines within the Allegheny Group's boundaries in Ebensburg, explain their point of view. Their presentation will be followed by Patty DeMarco, PhD, formerly Executive Director of the Power Facilities Evaluation Council of Connecticut dealing with such issues as nuclear power plant safety, energy conservation, and clean fuels technology, also a Commissioner of the Alaska Regulatory Commission, with jurisdiction over all electric, gas, water, refuse utilities and oil and gas pipelines. She is presently head of the Rachel Carson Homestead Association, and she will present a wide-ranging look at the relative impacts of wind and other energy sources.

7:30-9 p.m. at the Phipps Garden Center (5th & Shady Avenues in Squirrel Hill). Conversation and refreshments to follow the presentations. For more information, email Donald L. Gibbon.

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