Apr 8 & 18: Sierra Club Environmental Film Festival

April 8 & 18:  Sierra Club Environmental Film Festival 

During this FREE film festival, there will be two evenings of engaging and thought-provoking films with an environmental theme. The event is family-friendly, refreshments will be available for a small donation, and donations will be accepted to offset cost of films.

When: Wednesday, April 8, 2009, 6-10 pm and Saturday, April 18, 2009, 6-10 pm

Where: Imagine Environmental Charter School, 829 Milton Ave., off S. Braddock Ave. near the Frick Park tennis courts in Regent Square

Contact for more info: Sierra Club Allegheny Group, www.alleghenysc.org, Don Gibbon at dongibbon@earthlink.net

- Dinner for Two - A funny animated look at conflict resolution - for all ages.  (8 mins)
- Build Green - Exciting and up-to-date tour of green building, clever solutions to important problems. (44 mins)
- The Real Dirt on Farmer John - A touching, provocative and ultimately heart-warming look at the relationship of humans (and one particular human) to agriculture in our peculiar society. (82 mins)
- Coming Home: The Sacred Balance - Canada's David Suzuki shares a powerful and intimate look at the innate need for a close relationship with the earth. (53 mins)
- Powers of Ten - An enduring classic short, illustrating the magic of "scale," from the universal to the microscopic. (17 mins)

- Garden Song - If you want to get psyched for gardening, this should do it! (28 mins)
- Eden's Lost and Found: Philadelphia - If Philly can do it, so can we! How volunteer organizations have redeemed inner-city Philadelphia's environment on a shoe-string. (57 minutes)
- YERT (Your Environmental Road Trip) - A zany, clever, fun, interesting and totally up-to-date look at what's happening nationwide in the environment, with Mark Dixon, the filmmaker. Not to be missed! Really first class fun. Great for all ages. (about 90 mins)
- Cheat Neutral - A satirical look at carbon offsetting. Does it really work? (13 mins)
- Black Diamonds - Mountain-top removal at its worst. How it's destroying our neighbors in West Virginia and what we can do about it. (72 mins)

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