Jan 25: Talk on Arthur Szyk at CMU

January 25:  Justice Illuminated:  The Art of Arthur Szyk (lecture and reception).   
Exhibit curator Irvin Ungar will give a presentation on the art and messages of the Polish-Jewish artist Arthur Szyk (pronounced "Shik"). Szyk was the leading political artist in America during WWII, fighting the Nazis through his art. His illuminated Haggadah has been called one of the greatest illustrated books of all time. Rabbi Ungar has curated museum exhibitions of Szyk's art for the Library of Congress, and served as consultant for a Szyk exhibit at the US Holocaust Memorial Museum. He is the Curator of The Arthur Szyk Society. 
2 p.m. at the Posner Center.  Live webcast will be available at search.library.cmu.edu .

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