Feb 4-6: Focus the Nation Teach-in on Global Warming

February 4-6:  Focus the Nation Teach-in on Global Warming.  

Keynote on Wednesday by Peter Tertzakian.  
Thursday, a national webcast on Solutions for the First 100 Days (visit National Teach-In : Launch Webcast for more info).  

On Friday, Mark Dixon recounts YERT, Your Environmental Road Trip (a year-long eco-expedition through all 50 states);  Asa Watten talks about Biofuels and the Steel City;  a panel with Lee Branstetter and Costa Samaras on Market-based Incentives for Addressing Climate Change;  John Hooker on Cultural Factors Driving Societal Consumption Patterns;  Bike Pittsburgh and someone from the City discuss Alternative Transportation in Pittsburgh;  Volker Hartkopf and Stephen Lee of the School of Architecture on Sustainability in the Built Environment;  Keith Florig and Lester Lave of EPP on Clean Power Generation (not in my backyard!);  Barb Kviz and Marty Altschul on Green Practices at Carnegie Mellon;  Nelson Cheung and the Pittsburgh Project on Community and Citizen Engagement for a Sustainable Future;  Dale Hershey on Business, Society, and Ethics.  Also on Friday are a Local Lunch (enjoy locally-grown fare for a mere $5), and from 5-8 p.m. there's a sustainability networking mixer for young professionals followed by a green dance social (9 p.m. - 1 a.m. in Kirr Commons).

Contact:  Vanessa Schweizer at vjs@andrew.cmu.edu .

More details on speakers and schedule at the Focus The Nation website.

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