Nov 18: Focus groups on Pittsburgh's parks

November 18:  Bring your perspective on Pittsburgh's parks to one of three "Discovery Sessions" designed to give the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy a broader understanding of how people feel about, engage with, and use our parks.  Participants will be divided into three categories:
* Group A – Users of Frick Park and the Environmental Center (both must apply in order to participate in this session).

* Group B – Users and non-users of Frick Park (ideally, nearby residents) and non-users of the environmental center.

* Group C – Recreational Users including college students and organized groups. (This group is not confined to Frick Park but can include those who use it. These participants will ideally use Frick, Highland, Schenley or Riverview at least once per month).

For more information or to register for the sessions, please contact Laura Cook, Marketing and Communications Coordinator for the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy, at 412-682-7275 x220.


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